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"Doctor, I smoke wine not touch, why can you get lung cancer?"
Time:2019/12/21 8:57:06

  • I was born in the 90s and got cancer

When little A (female, 28 years old) went for the annual physical examination, she found pulmonary nodules. After learning that the size of pulmonary nodules was unusual, she hurried to have A further examination and was diagnosed with lung cancer.

She is puzzled very much: at ordinary times smoke wine does not touch, why can you get lung cancer?


  • Above is A screenshot Shared by little A

Fortunately, only early, has not transferred.

The most let small A shock is: I A 90 after, incredibly got cancer.

A lot of people will be puzzled: I young age, do not smoke, do not drink, with what get lung cancer?

Young age ≠ physical health, now the young people, which is not sub-health state, can not be too confident about their oh, so many body parts, indecision which is quietly "strike".

According to the national cancer center, lung cancer ranks first in both morbidity and mortality in China.It is expected that by 2025, the total number of lung cancer patients in China will reach 1 million, making China the world's largest lung cancer country.

According to wenzhou city centers for disease control and prevention released "2018 wenzhou malignant tumor of survey of morbidity and mortality, mortality rates among the top five in wenzhou malignant tumor, lung cancer, liver cancer, gastric cancer, colorectal anal cancer, esophageal cancer, the report of 3301 cases, 2358 cases, 1606 cases, 1200 cases, 658 cases, accounting for 69.54% of the malignant tumor mortality, lung cancer ranked the first.

Young age ≠ physical health, now the young people, which is not sub-health state, can not be too confident about their oh, so many body parts, indecision which is quietly "strike".

  • Why does lung cancer favor the Chinese so much

Love smoking!

China accounts for 350 million of the world's estimated 1.1 billion smokers.Moreover, second-hand smoke kills more than 100,000 people a year in China, wiping a small city off the map.

However, it does not mean that not smoking is an insulator for lung cancer.There are many causes of lung cancer, such as: smoking, second-hand smoke, haze, cooking smoke, soot dust, and family inheritance, these are likely to cause lung cancer.

Especially for women, although they seldom take the initiative to smoke, if they work and live in the environment of second-hand smoke for a long time, the probability of causing lung cancer is also very high.Statistics show that among non-smokers with lung cancer, 25% are passive smokers.

I've also heard a myth about smoking

You see that who who, decades of the old smokers, the body is not a little trouble, after quitting smoking soon found lung cancer.

  • Why to discover lung cancer, it is terminal stage mostly

Lung cancer early symptoms are more mild, such as: cough, cough sputum, sputum with blood and so on, do not pay attention to the words, may be mistaken for the general respiratory disease, did not put in the heart, in fact may be, cancer cells have been latent in the lungs for a long time.

Regular checkups are essential for early detection, and if that isn't enough, genetic tests for lung cancer can be used as an adjunct to screening to prevent the disease.

Heping international hospital physical examination and health management center reminds you:

There are 70%-80% of lung cancer out of the examination is terminal, usually must pay more attention to physical examination.In addition, it is difficult to detect early lung cancer by ordinary chest fluoroscopy or DR films, so multislices spiral CT examination is more accurate.In particular, 64-slice spiral CT can scan the thinnest layer up to 0.64mm, which is convenient for doctors to observe and detect lesions as early as possible.

2020 is just around the corner

A New Year

Check your body parts!


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