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In order to achieve such a goal, just 2019 Zhenggu alliance forum was held in our hospital
Time:2019/12/9 8:53:42

Bone setting is a treatment method in traditional Chinese medicine. In China and even Wenzhou, with the high incidence of neck, shoulder, waist and leg pain, many people try to choose orthopedic massage for treatment. "Carry forward the millennial culture of traditional Chinese medicine and develop new bone setting therapy." It is in this context that on December 7, 2019, the Zhenggu alliance forum of southern Zhejiang was held in Heping International Hospital. Nearly 100 experts from southern Zhejiang participated in the forum to discuss the development of the industry through academic interaction.

Picture: Xue Zhihui, President of Heping International Hospital 

Xue Zhihui, President of Heping International Hospital, introduced the initial intention of running the hospital, the basic situation of the hospital and the development mode of the hospital. He said that in the future, he hoped to have more academic exchanges with experts from Zhenggu alliance in southern Zhejiang. Through the integration of Chinese and Western medicine, help more patients with cervical and lumbar pain to reduce pain. He also hopes that the Zhenggu alliance forum in southern Zhejiang will be better and better, and benefit more patients!

Picture: Song Linghua, representative of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China 

Ms. song Linghua, a representative of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, attended the forum. She put forward her own suggestions on the inheritance and development of traditional Chinese medicine, and said that traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine should learn from each other, adhere to the same emphasis on both Chinese and Western Medicine, and jointly promote the development of the field of general health.

Photo: Chen Bin, representative of Zhenggu League in southern Zhejiang 

Zhenggu solves many problems that cannot be solved by other medical methods, and has accumulated rich experience. Chen Bin, the representative of Zhenggu alliance in southern Zhejiang, said at the forum that he highly agreed with President Xue's idea of "connecting with the world", and summarized the original intention of Zhenggu alliance in southern Zhejiang through the 16 word policy: consciousness integration, thinking cross-border, technology sharing, academic equality.

Picture: Liu Dan, vice president of Heping International Hospital and director of orthopaedic Center 

Most of the patients with lumbar disc herniation can be treated conservatively by manual bone setting, but there are still 10% - 15% of the patients whose symptoms can not be relieved or relapse. Liu Dan, vice president of Heping International Hospital and director of orthopaedic center, focused on sharing the treatment of lumbar disc herniation with percutaneous foramen. The advantages, preoperative evaluation, equipment support and postoperative recovery of percutaneous foraminal surgery were introduced in detail.

At the meeting, orthopedic experts also shared the wonderful contents such as the correction treatment of adolescent scoliosis, the harm and correction method of the posterior cervical large bag and the principle of floating needle medicine. Chen Bin, the representative of Zhenggu alliance in southern Zhejiang Province, also gave lectures on the spot to demonstrate Zhenggu technique.

The main purpose of this conference is to exchange experience and technology. The participants include famous experts and scholars in bone setting, massage and physical therapy in southern Zhejiang, who have a wealth of clinical knowledge. "Benevolence and benevolence, helping the world and people", for this common purpose, and in order to be able to communicate and promote these techniques, so that more patients can stay away from the neck, shoulder, waist and leg pain disease!

Wenzhou Heping International Hospital

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