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"Hello" love! Heping International ins wind mother baby room is online
Time:2019/12/6 8:54:08
The news that Wenzhou has been selected as "China's happiest city in 2019" is very exciting. When it comes to "happiness", memory brings people back to 2012. A sentence "are you happy?" has been asked all over the streets and entered the hearts of 1.4 billion people.
What is happiness? Happiness is a kind of psychological emotion. Happiness is a kind of inner feeling. Just like breast-feeding mothers don't need to go all over the world to find the mother and baby room, they can easily solve the three difficulties of baby feeding, sucking and sleeping, which is a kind of happiness from the heart.。

Recently, a official announcement in Wenzhou warmed many mothers' hearts:
The 200 newly reconstructed standardized mother and infant rooms in Wenzhou have been completed in mid October, with a completion rate of 100%.
Among them, the mother and baby room of Heping International Hospital is also included (it's said that it's still in the style of INS, like da Pu Ben...).
Today, let's punch in the mother and baby room of Heping International Hospital~

Enter the hall

You can see the sign of "mother and baby room" from afar

Follow the sign through the maternity department

We came to the mother and baby room on the first floor


It's too warm~

Yellow fabric sofa and blue tea table make people feel relaxed

Baoma's anxiety about finding a mother and baby room all over the world can be released instantly

(full of IKEA's sense of vision)

There's a crib next to it

This is probably someone else's net red mother and baby room

Go inside again.
It's a clean sink
There are also
Hand sanitizer, automatic dryer, constant temperature water dispenser
Milk warmer, wireless calling equipment
There are baby pads and diapers in the cupboard below
(ah ah, it's all a bonus for the old mother's tears.)
You know, many mother and baby rooms don't have hot water
Wireless calling equipment is even more out of reach

Facing the sink

It is also equipped with sofa and tea table

There are also baby care table, children's dining chair, drawer type storage cabinet (used to put diapers)
Although the sparrow is small, it has all five internal organs

Two curtains can separate the mother and baby room into two spaces
More private
Mothers can carry their milk without embarrassment

In order to give the baby the most natural breast milk, the mother will carry the baby's "rations" on her back. From time to time, she needs to "fight guerrilla warfare" and face the strange eyes from the surrounding. How great "milk carrying mothers" are, how bitter they are.
It's also easy to help: a small, but basic, private breastfeeding room is enough.
"Hello" love guard, peace international hospital will always set aside this mother and baby room for "breast-feeding mother", to build a love house for more lactating mothers!
Address: No. 888, Wenrui Avenue (200m south of Vientiane City)

Wenzhou Heping International Hospital

Written by Chen Mengjiao
Typesetting: Chen Mengjiao
Review of manuscript: ye Congqiu
Official microblog: Wenzhou Heping International Hospital

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