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"Ouhai in Outai" into peace international hospital
Time:2019/12/3 10:24:14

This morning, Peace International Hospital welcomed a group of special guests. Ouhai District's 9th Qijun Cultural Festival series of activities - "students in Outai to see Ouhai" entered Wenzhou Peace International Hospital. Nearly 20 Taiwanese college students from Wenzhou Ken University, Wenzhou Medical University and Wenzhou University visited peace international hospital with great interest.

Accompanied by the visit are Cheng Zonghai, deputy director of Ouhai District Committee and Taiwan Affairs Office, and Tong Jingjing, director of Wenzhou Taiwan Affairs Office Liaison Office.

As the first Zhejiang Taiwan joint venture hospital in Zhejiang Province, Heping International Hospital has long established an indissoluble bond with Taiwan, and this group of young Taiwanese teenagers will also start an extraordinary medical experience with this activity.

The first stop is physical examination and health management center, which is one of the key departments of Heping International Hospital. The warm and comfortable environment reflects the design of humanistic care, which makes students feel more cordial.
Jessie, from Kane University in Wenzhou, marveled: "I feel that everything here is very familiar, as if I have returned to the hospital in Taiwan.".

Through the bright corridor, students take the elevator to the plastic and beauty center. Here, the first-class beauty equipment and five-star exclusive service attract the students to stop again and again, especially the female students, who are also interested in various micro plastic, anti-aging and other medical beauty projects.

The third stop is the orthopaedic center. "Sofa, warm light, independent toilet, good warm feeling..." A college student said, "it will be very warm and comfortable to be in hospital here!".

Xue Zhihui, President of Heping International Hospital, warmly welcomed the arrival of university students in Wenzhou. He shared the origin of Heping International Hospital and Taiwan, and introduced the current development and future planning of the hospital.

"Are there any internship opportunities available to students in Taiwan?" Ying Chunzhe, a teacher from Taiwan who is currently teaching at Wenzhou Medical University, asked with concern.

In response, President Xue said that he very much welcomes Taiwan University students to come to the hospital for internship, and the hospital will also provide them with life and work security.
It is understood that Heping International Hospital, as a youth entrepreneurship and employment practice base in Taiwan, has had many Taiwanese college students practice in the hospital since this summer vacation.

A family on both sides of the river can drink together! Peace International Hospital is willing to be the "mother family" of all college students in Wenzhou.
In the future, we are also very willing to open our arms and welcome more Taiwanese students to join Heping International Hospital to "provide customers with dignified, warm and high-quality medical services"!

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