EFO - Environmental Friendly Officing

You think environmental protection only matters at the industrial shop floor level? Then read this!

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Dr. R. Gastl

"Environmental Friendly Officing", or EFO, is probably the most popular topic for organizations starting with EMS. Too bad that this is often reduced to issues like paper consumption and power needed for computing and light. Thats why I like to give you a brief overview of key issues in EFO, starting with those most common ones. Remember that all of the following are starting points to ease the environmental burden, with some useful side effects:

  • Materials chosen and in use, such as recycled paper; fsc certified paper; wooden, metal or plastic furniture; and many more.
  • Clever and sensitive use of energy: Investments in low consumption units, avoid standby-mode, minimize monitors running (in work breaks, in show-rooms, etc.), avoid lights burning if not necessary
  • Waste handling: triage of recyclables, such as paper, cardboard, biodegradeables (compost), aluminum, glass, etc.
  • Eco-efficient processes
  • Optimized Working condition: Target is a healthy and comfortable working environment, including issues like light, noise, odor, air quality, temperature, radiation


Developed in conjunction with Ext-Joom.com